What to Wear

I get asked often what my clients should wear to their sessions. My number one recommendation is WEAR SOMETHING THAT YOU FEEL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING IN. When you feel good in what you are wearing that shows in your face and when you smile. There’s no hiding your body because you will feel confident!

Things to think about are: Start with base colors, such as black, grey and denim and then add in some pops of color. The trick is to switch up the base for each person, so you don’t have everyone in jeans and two different color shirts.                                            * Don’t match! The entire family doesn’t have to match exactly, but instead have a color that ties into the next one. I advise that Mom find her outfit first, and then have the kids wear pops of color that tie into mom’s. Dad could wear a solid color top that compliments mom’s nicely.                                             * Keep the overall style the same. You don’t want to have one person wearing super casual clothing and the rest are in their Sunday best. Try to plan your clothing well before your session date and remember to feel free to ask me for help!                                             * Accessories can make the person wearing them feel awesome and can make a unique statement. Examples are a fun rolled cuff, a flashy tie, cute boots or a headband for baby.                                             * Avoid over sized clothing. It may look great in person, but can distort your proportions in photographs. Also, when it comes to stripes, try vertical instead of horizontal. Vertical lines make us look slender and tend to follow the curves of our bodies.

Ideas for Spring: Pastel colors as well as blue hues. Also consider floral patterns, which can be either clothing items or accessories.

Ideas for Summer: Dress for the heat! A summer dress would be lovely, and for the guys, nice slacks and shorts for small boys. (Keep in mind as well the mosquitoes are usually out and annoying, so don’t’ hesitate to bring bug spray!)

Ideas for Fall: Darker shades of purple, yellow, orange, navy, tan and denim. Don’t’ be afraid of textures or patterns. The only texture I would suggest avoiding is velvet.

Ideas for Winter: The hope for winter photos is that there will be some snow on the ground. I love deep colors of purple, blue and green. Feel free to layer, (bonus is you’ll keep warm too!), but try to avoid ski jackets in your photos. Think warm sweaters, leggings under a dress, long johns under your pants. Don’t hesitate to wear scarves or a pair of cute mittens or gloves with a matching toque!

I would also like to suggest getting your hair and make up done on the day of your session. I realize this isn’t always feasible or maybe time doesn’t allow, however, don’t we all feel amazing after getting our hair done? It’s all about confidence, and when you feel amazing that will show in the portraits!

Here are some hair and makeup artist suggestions: Catwalk Salon & Spa – 618 3rd Ave S.                                       403-327-4555 www.catwalksalonspa.com

Katt Panic Makeup Artist – katt.panic@gmail.com                                             403-360-2825 www.kattpanic.com Shear Persuasion Salon & Spa – 363 Stafford Dr. N.                                                       403-329-3229 www.shearpersuasion.ca

Kyla Byers Bridal Hair and MUA – 415 3rd Ave S.                                                        403-320-1819 www.unionhair.ca

Kristyn Rose Hairstyling and MUA – www.makeupbykristyn.com

Need some help? Shoot me a message! You can reach me via text at 403-331-5094 or email at staceyraeimages@gmail.com

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