The Year of the Toilet Paper Roll

What a year 2020 is turning out to be. There have been a few lessons in this chaos we've all endured over the past 8 weeks. Here's what I have learned so far:

1. I can teach my children. I just may not have the patience to work with them for hours on end, but we can do an hour or two! I am proud of the work we have done together so far.

2. In this time of quarantine and social distancing has really made me miss those closest to me. Before all of this started, we lost my grandmother, so I was already thinking I needed to spend more time with my family. I hope when we can all finally get together again, I will have a better appreciation for how much these people mean to me.

3. My husband is capable. I know this one sounds kind of mean of me, but let me explain. I am a worry wort and maybe even a bit of a control freak. When the quarantine started, I was a basket case and cried a lot. Gord is the exact opposite of me. We have been very fortunate in that Gord has been able to keep his job, so because of that he has been the grocery shopper, the errand runner and has looked after all of us, my parents included, and made sure we have what we need. I have had to understand that I don't have control of this situation and we are doing the best that we can and all of it is thanks to Gord. This has made me take a step back and realize that all the worrying isn't on me. We are truly a partnership, and I think after being married for 14 years, I needed that reminder.

4. I control my business. I know this one sounds weird because duh, obviously I do, but I feel like over the past couple of years I have forgotten why I enjoyed being a photographer in the first place. I had filled my schedule with wedding after wedding and fitting in families in between, to the point where I felt overwhelmed and really wasn't enjoying myself. I owe it to my clients and myself to not over fill my schedule and by doing that it will keep my work fresh and everyone having fun.

5. I need to surround myself with positive and like minded people. I joined Alberta Wedding Social earlier this year, and this group of very talented creatives has been really inspiring and has brought me a sense of calm and positivity through was has been a bit of a hard spring.

6. During the past few weeks, when I feel fear or worry about my business, I have turned that into mastering my craft. I have kept myself busy with the PPOC photo challenge, learning photoshop techniques through the Photoshop Summit and taking classes through Sue Bryce Education. I will come out of this pandemic a better photographer.

I certainly don't think we are at the end of this pandemic yet. I am not sure when we will see "normal" again. Until we do, I will continue to master my craft and I will do my best when it comes to my children's education. I will focus on the things I can control and continue to surround myself with positivity.

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