Robyn & Jordan

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

When I initially met with Robyn, she warned me that Jordan did not care very much for having his photo taken. I get it. I HATE HAVING MY PICTURE TAKEN. There’s a reason I am on the backside of a camera! We did do an engagement session, so I could meet Jordan and see how bad this really was going to be. However Jordan loosened up and the photos turned out great! Cut to the wedding day, and the same thing happened. I joked around a bit, I also like to use some fun prompts and suggestions to get people laughing and in the end you come out with photos filled with natural laughter. Or another trick, is to have the groom look at his bride! That always works too! Ceremony & Reception Location: Paradise Canyon Golf Resort Dress: The Bridal Center Suit: Moore’s Clothing Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Kristyn Florist: Grower Direct Decor: Pink Tie Events

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