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Kinsey & Wade

Brace yourselves people! I am FINALLY catching up on blogging my amazing weddings from 2021!

Kinsey & Wade have been clients of mine since 2018. They postponed their 2020 wedding to 2021 and even though they could have postponed again, they decided to go ahead and I am glad they did.

Highlight of this wedding for me was Kinsey's sister Hannah. She is the biggest sweetheart and I am glad I got to hang out with her and take a few photos of her just for fun. When I would ask Wade & Kinsey to kiss, her little commentary was so funny. Those are my favourite moments. And just to show what a small world it is, one of Kinsey's bridesmaids went to school with me. That was a nice surprise.

Congratulations Kinsey & Wade!! I am grateful that you have stuck with me for 4 years and I look forward to seeing you both again!