I aspire to be Christi and I am not just talking about her hair natural hair color that I am jealous of, but her determination and drive in doing what she does. She used time over Covid to work on her yoga and mastered the mermaid pose. Know what I did?? I mastered Netflix.

We met at Helen Schuler because it was very windy and that is the best place in Lethbridge to take photos on a windy day. Christ came prepared with her yoga mat and a list of poses she wanted to photograph. She also brought her Pound bag and sticks as well as a weight. We shot in 3 different locations. The first I wanted to be sure we got every single yoga pose and then the other two were more for fun and we did a variety of poses.

The purpose for this session was to create images for Chrsiti's Instagram page, however I think these images are fantastic to have as a way to show off the work she has put in. That should be celebrated!

Thank you Cristi for having me photograph you. I can't wait to see your images grace Instagram and I hope you inspire so many others like you have me!

Check out her Instagram here:

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